Monday, 14 May 2012

Icing Nozzles

I have recently been experimenting a bit more with different icing nozzles to create different looks on my cakes. I have bought two new nozzles, one was a straight round large nozzle and one was an open star large nozzle. Both create different icing patterns.
The large round straight edge nozzle creates a smooth circular icing pattern and the open star nozzle creates a rose like pattern when piped from the centre of the cake out towards the edges.
I used each nozzle to create different looks for different events.
I used the round nozzle to decorate cupcakes being used as part of a buffet spread and I used two colours of buttercream to create a blended look. I achieved this look by placing the two shades of buttercream into a piping bag at the same time; putting one colour of icing down the left side of the bag and the other down the right side of the bag and pushing them equally down towards the nozzles so equal amounts of the two shades of buttercream come out of the nozzle.
To finish the cupcakes I topped them with fondant letters to suit the event I made them for.

The open star nozzle creates an elegant rose flower design if piped from the centre of the cake out towards the edges. This gives a pretty design to the cakes and is delicate and suitable for most parties and events. I will definately be using this nozzle a lot!

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